Ten Methods Schools Can Make Use Of an ID Badge

February 19, 2018 by Personalised Badges
Using ID Badges for More Than Merely Visible Recognition

Exactly how schools can make use of ID badges with the advancements in today’s technology, picture ID cards can multi-task a lot more today than any other time. Definitely more than just visual identification!

Listed here are 10 time-saving and resourceful ways in which school photo ID badges can be used:

Visibly establishes pupils, teachers, and visitors at a glance.
Store pupil details like class daily schedules, emergency contact info, medicines, and allergies.
Allows students to use a pre-paid money card for food and vending machine purchases.
Track attendance in school and after-school activities.
Manage books within the school as well as audio-visual resources.
Track and document athletic equipment.
Access computers and other technology.
Verify school bus or coach access.
Keep track of and manage who has access to specific regions of the school and the school as a whole.
Encourage pupils to accomplish educational achievement.

Improving ID Badge Security

There are a variety of features you can include within school Identification badges to further improve security and safety. A basic level of safety can be incorporated into your ID badges within its design and style. As opposed to a photo on a plain white-colored background, consider utilising custom made imagery like school colors, font face, or even the school’s mascot.

To easily distinguish between students, faculty, and staff, incorporate a color-coding system into the ID badges.

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