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Siblings sent home from school for wearing charity badges

September 21, 2014 by Personalised Badges

2 Sheffield siblings were told to go home from school for putting on daffodil lapel badges in support of their own crictally ill granddad that is battling liver cancer.

Elise Casey, aged 13, and her 12-year-old sibling Kiera have been suspended for a day by personnel at Outwood Academy City as soon as they declined to take off the badges promoting Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The Stradbroke school claims it’s got no-nonsense rules regarding pupils putting on charity badges on their school uniforms — even though these are allowed on bags, bag straps or maybe outside coats.

Nonetheless father Lee, 42, claimed the two had been deeply distressed about the occurrence.

“Their granddad is terminally ill with liver cancer and they are willing to exhibit their support,” he explained at the family home on Dyke Vale Road, Hackenthorpe.

“They’d put on the badges all the prior few days and also they’d let it go – however, this week they were instructed to either take them off or simply go back home. Elise and Kiera chose to go back home.

“The school is run similar to a penitentiary anyway, they check the kids’ bags at the gateway each day.

“It looks like it’s an incredibly no-nonsense regime.

“They really should have taken their conditions into consideration — it wasn’t like they were putting on One Direction badges, the daffodils are for an exceptionally, great cause.”

Mr Casey claimed the girls’ mum Gina was looking to give her daughters full assistance inside a conference arranged with senior school personnel.

And he stated the family were also very unsatisfied the girls have been sent home when there wasn’t any one in to take care of them.

“We had been both at work during the time. Since it was Gina needed to leave work and pick the pair up from the doorstep and drive them round to their grandparents,” he added in.

The former City School was adopted by Wakefield’s Outwood Grange Academy Trust at the beginning of the year, the first secondary in the city to be run by a chain skilsbased outside of the city.

A Trust spokeswoman says: “We have an excellent reputation of supporting a variety of non profit organizations and motivate students to take part in non-profit events and activities.

“Our plan is to request students to wear charity badges on either the baggage, bag straps or outdoor coats but not within their school uniform.

“The solely exclusion to this is where students buy a poppy in the weeks prior to Remembrance Day.”

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