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Nationwide record holder on account of his superb badge selection

January 18, 2016 by Personalised Badges

Harry Mathieson, aged Ten and a 1 / 2 from Bolton, has been donning his Cub Scout uniform with pride after making an unparalleled total of 41 exercise badges.

The unusual feat has been attained as the Cub collected all Thirty seven obtainable activity badges prior to the Scout Association presented 4 new badges.

Harry additionally was able to gather the brand new ones right before the association removed 5 of the old badges for good, that means the Bolton boy could possibly be the only Cub in the nation to at any time hold a record of 41 badges.

Dad Guy Mathieson, that is a helper Cub Scout Leader at Harry’s section the Nineteenth Bolton (Bolton School) Scout Group, reported: “We think he’s the only person to get Forty-one and the only 1 who ever will since you can’t obtain the terminated badges any longer.

“He is the only one we are aware about who’s carried this out. We’ve been exploring it and he is certainly the 1st scout Association has ever heard of.

“I’m definitely, really satisfied with him. He’s recently been actually enthusiastic about accumulating the badges and has got involved in virtually all sort of activities.”

Harry, that is a Year 6 pupil at the Junior School of Bolton School Boys Division, join his Scout Group in Easter 2012.

Keen to beat his 14-yr-old brother Elliot’s collection of 17 badges, he has been getting involved in personal activities, together with working together with his fellow pack associates, to rack up his badge count.

Among his achievements have been horseback riding, taking up martial arts, studying DIY at B&Q, cooking on an open fire, as well as figuring out how to tie the very best knots.

The task has also taken him out and about too, from sessions to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry to Vancouver Island in Canada.

Many of his badges have been sown onto his Cub Scout uniform, which he exhibits proudly together with 7 Challenge badges.

Harry’s achievements comes at as 19th Bolton celebrate its Centenary yr, and he was granted his 40th as well as 41st cub activity badges at a special Cub Scout assembly at the junior school.

“I feel like it is a fabulous achievement,” he explained

“It is an excellent pleasure to have all of the badges and to ask them to check out as a memory of the Cubs.

“No one else can have that numerous badges, which is excellent.”

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